Feeling better…just in time

After DAYS of Kai feeling pretty miserable, he seems to be almost back to himself this morning….of course tomorrow we are back for chemo :/

Kai developed a pretty nasty cold after last weeks treatment. There were a few nights of continious hacking all night long and he spent most of each day sleeping. He wouldn’t eat or drink much either. Of course we had to cancelle our plans all weekend, but thankfully my Dad and Michelle came for a few visits and Mom spent the night so I could get some rest.
Mom and I spent the day on sunday making Kai a nice healthy chicken soup and smoothies. He wouldn’t eat any of it by mouth, so in the blneder it went and right in the tube. It was such a reliefe that i could get him some good food that will help him feel better. I am thankful everyday for our vitamix!

He still has a caugh today but he seems much brighter and more energetic. We will see how the day goes today. He has ocupational therapy this morning, then our wonderful volunteer Jen comes, then acupuncture and home to pack up and get ready for the day in Boston tomorrow.

I can’t wait untill this cycle is over.
We all really need a little break!

The hoodies almost sold out this weekend! They will be mailed out today!
Those still wanting one please let me know what size you would like so we can reorder at the end of the week. This will be our last order of this years hoodies, so get em while you can!
Email me the size at keikikai10@hotmail.com

We do have one medium and one large still left.

Thank you all for supporting Kai and spreading awareness by wearing your Kai’s Fight Club hoodie!

I also wanted to say another thank you to all those who donated to Tubie Frineds in thhe past few weeks. We shipped out 5 last week and will be mailing out 4 more this week! We are so happy to be helping so many kids.

If your ever having a bad day and need a smile, or if you would like to see where your donations are going, please visit ‘Tubie Friends’ on facebook to see the thank you notes and wonderful pictures of all the smiling kids with thier new Tubie Frineds. Tubie Friends really are making a difference in the lives of these children!

One thought on “Feeling better…just in time

  1. Hi Kerri,
    I really enjoyed meeting you and Kai yesterday at “Build a Bear”. I’d love to get together some time. Please get in touch with me by email. Kai is a beautiful little guy and he has a great Mommy!
    Take care,
    -Donna Tibedo

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