Activity table and chair

A while back Kai’s visual aid, Linda, measured him for an activity table. It is a service offered by the Perkins school to kids with vision loss. Linda came by yesterday and dropped it off for us!
It is so beautiful and Kai absolutely loves it! The volunteers at Perkins make them specific for each child, and then hand paint them with whatever color or image you request!
The purpose of this set is to give Kai a place where he can safely sit upright with his feet on the ground and with a work space in fort of him. We will use this for his vision and occupational therapy. It also gives moms arms a little break every now and then!
He finally had a little energy back today so we sat him in his new chair a few times and he really enjoyed it! It has a nice soft supportive harness that keeps him stable and able to concentrate on what’s in front of him. He liked playing with his blocks and musical instraments at the table. He was only able to play for a few minutes each time but I am sure we will be getting a LOT of use out of this.
What an amazing offering from Perkins. And what talent in those volunteers!


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