Morning Rounds

Kai had another good night. He was awake a lot but he was pretty content. He did not have any pain meds and he tolerated the feeds and his chemo well.
This morning the team came by and said the plan is to get us out of here tomorrow!
We will continue to bump up his feeds today and start weening him down off the steroids.
He also started a new motility drug that is also an appetite stimulant so hopefully this will help keep things moving along with his nutrition.
They did say we will be going home on IV fluids, which we will do overnight. His port will remain accessed and they will teach me to do the fluids myself. Pretty soon they will have to put me on the payroll here! 🙂
After going home for a day they want us to come back into the clinic to check him out and to continue his Avastin (chemo).
Let’s hope all goes well today and we can get out of here tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Morning Rounds

  1. Thinking of you guys and so glad you might be able to go home tomorrow! I know you don’t mind handling Kai’s port and overnight fluids so you can go home!

    Hoping Kai continues to hold his feedings well and the steroid weaning continues as planned.

  2. So glad to hear he is finally doing a little bit better and you’ll be going home. Sending you love & hoping for more good days. I’m thinking of you always. XOXO

  3. Happy to hear that things are looking up for sweet Kai, and that you’re feeling good about the plan moving forward! How lucky is he to have such a competent mom who can take care of him in so many ways. You should definitely be on someone’s payroll! Fingers crossed that you’ll soon be headed home. Much love- Allison

  4. so glad to hear things are looking up..we continue sending positive thoughts your way. You guys are so strong and courageous to fight this fight! Sending more strength..

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