Day 6 -going home

Kai was up half the night again and hasn’t been feeling great this morning but we are still on schedule to go home!
Last night I got my teaching on how to use the IV pump at home but a visiting nurse will also be there with us tonight to make sure all goes well.
We will be leaving the hospital today with 2 new meds, IV fluids, a small bit of granulation tissue on Kai’s tube site, a stuffy runny nose, and barely any hair…oh and an appointment at the Jimmy Fund on Thursday! Ha! at least well have one day at home to take a shower/ bath, wash our cloths and see the dog. Hopefully our trip into clinic on Thursday will be in and out, but I will be showing up a little more prepared this time just incase :/

A few pics from the past few days:
Kai’s new hat, made by momma


Kai and ‘Hugs’ learning about hooking up the IV fluids


Kai resting with all his snugly friends

Kai attacking his cupcake


6 thoughts on “Day 6 -going home

  1. Yeah!!! So glad you guys are going home! It took some unexpected admittances for me to start keeping an “admittance bag” in my car for chemo days and ER visits stocked with enough belongings for several days. (Kind of like the bag you pack when you are pregnant.) It is so helpful to have everything we need while concentrating on keeping the little one occupied and feeling better.

    Hoping the discharge goes smoothly!
    Shari Butler (Sage’s Mom)

  2. Hey Kerri and Kai,
    I’m so glad you are going home. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I pray for Kai’s strength and healing. Kerri just call if you need my help for anything.

  3. Kerri, Love seeing the pics that you post of that beautiful boy. He is continually in my prayers for God’s healing love. I also pray for your continued strength through this journey. You are the strongest person I know and also the greatest mom.
    xox, Susan R.

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