Scared Straight… into sleeping!

This is the third night in a row that Kai has slept from 8-3am! The past two nights he was able to put himself back to sleep in less than 10 mins. without me going in at all!!!!  I think that sleep study scared him straight!

He is on melatonin, but no pain meds and we have actually been at home for more than a few days.  It feel like a new life!

Just as I was starting to loose it I I finally have some hope again that things actually can get better.

I will admit there is a tiny part of me that worries when he does actually sleep well that something might be wrong, but we’re ignoring that part of me right now and enjoying some much needed rest and family time at home!

With a little sleep and some time at home we are having a great weekend so far. We are sad to not be up in NH with all the Padgetts, missing yet another family vacation, but at least we’re not in the hospital this time.

We have been painting, and cleaning getting ready for ba noi (grandmother) to come visit this week.  Thankfully it hasnt been all work and no play, today we spent some time walking with the dog lots of play time with Kai and we even took a break for some hot dogs and ice cream, two of Kais favorites (I can’t believe I feed my 11 month old hot dogs…).  Kai actually slept right threw it which was a great little break for mom and dad! Closest thing we’ve had to a date in months 🙂

What a difference some sleep can make for all of us! Right now my life seems perfect, I couldn’t be happier ❤

3 thoughts on “Scared Straight… into sleeping!

  1. So happy to hear this, Kerri! Melatonin is magic…this is just what your little family needed! Enjoy the time together, and get all the rest you can. Thinking of you always!

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