Sleep Study round 2 & chemo week 6

Against my own better judgment we went back in last night for another shot at the sleep study.  We made it threw the night but it went pretty  much the same as last time.  Kai woke every half hour or so screaming! It was torturous, miserable and I spend the whole night thinking how I am emotionally damaging him for life by putting him threw this again.  He finally fell asleep for one hour from 4:30-5:30. I hope they were able to get something useful out of this because we will never be doing it again.

The sleep study ended at 6am and we were scheduled for our clinic visit at 12:30. Luckily our friends were still at the hospital and we got some coffee and went for a nice morning walk.  Seeing Addie feeling better and smiling like her old self again, and being able to vent for a few minutes with Meg really turned my day around.

We went over to the Jimmy Fund Clinic early to see if they could fit us in earlier and thankfully they did.  But after getting Kai accessed, blood drawn and talking to his NP, they decided to hold off in his chemo for one more week.  His counts are still a little low and with the gtube infection they didn’t want to put him at greater risk.  So by next week we will be 3 weeks behind.  I think i should just stop keeping track.

Since we got out early we were able to go home and see Mark for a little bit before he had to leave for work.  I got a 15 min. nap on the couch, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but i really havn’t slept in 3 days so hopefully it will get me threw the rest of today.

I am SO thankful last night is over and really hoping tonight goes better.

At least we will be home!

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