7 days in a row at home!

Wow, we made it one whole week at home and things are going great! Kai is continuing to sleep well, he slept from 8pm-5:30am last night!!!!!!  I cant believe what a difference this is making in all of our lives!

Since we have all been well rested we have been able to get a lot done in the past few day We finished painting the living room last night so today we can start putting things back together and work on cleaning the rest of the house in anticipation for Marks moms arrival on thursday. I big thanks to my Dad Mom and uncles for your help, we would not have not gotten it done without you! xoxox

Thursday also begins chemo again.  Kai has unexpectedly had three weeks off which I’m sure is partly why is has been doing so well the past few days, but it’s time to get back on track.  As much as I am dreading starting up again, Kai will be do for his 3 month review at the end of Septmeber and I really don’t want to see any tumor growth, so we better start fighting!

Although we missed out on the Padgett vacation this weekend and Patrick’s party last weekend, we were able to do some visiting this weekend.  Addies big brother Colton turned 6 this week and we were able to make it to his party.  It was so nice seeing them outside the hospital and their family and friends were so welcoming.  They all knew about Kai and were so happy to meet him!  It was amazing to be surrounded by people we have never met, that have been thinking of and praying for Kai all this time. Addie slept threw most of the party, but when she woke she looked great.  Everyone was so happy to see her and she was looking all around waving hi and showing off those new teeth with her big beautiful happy smile!   She is amazingly strong as is her family and I appreciate that all of you are thinking of her just as her family is thinking of Kai.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful network of people supporting us threw all of this.  All the people we know are thinking of us, as well as  all the friends of friends, church groups, work friends, etc. who are also thinking of us even if they have never met Kai!  Thank you all for your support and please feel free to share this blog with those friends who would like to follow Kai’s progress.

Off to enjoy another happy day at home with my smiling well rested baby boy!

2 thoughts on “7 days in a row at home!

  1. So awesome! Addie is a beautiful girl! I’m very glad you are all sleeping 🙂 HAve a wonderful visit with TU 🙂

  2. What a wonderful moment for me to see you all walk in… You honestly made my day, okay my week!!! So glad Kai is doing well- keep sleeping boy, your momma needs it. It was great to see you again today, next visit is out of the hospital! Yay!! Love you guys!! Xoxo

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