Feeding Tube

And again we are back inpatient at Childrens. Kai has still not been feeling well and continues to loose weight. He still has some inflammation in his ventricles but this MRI did look better.

We have been avoiding the feeding tube for a while now. Each week i work so hard trying to feed him and nursing him as much as possible to at least maintain his weight, but chemo is taking a toll. He really doesn’t eat anything the two days after chemo and the rest of the time he is eating very little. He has lost over 2 pounds since all of this started. It is also very difficult for me to get his meds in him. Over the weekend Mark and i decided it was probably time for him to get his feeding tube. he needs all the strength he can get to fight chemo and i guess right now this is the best way we can help him.

Because he had to have another sedated MRI we decided to put in his NG feeding tube while he was still pretty groggy. It worked out pretty well and he is now resting peacfully again. Hopefully we can get some meat on those bones and

maybe then he will start to feel better.

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