Chemo, complications and A few new friends!


After only two weeks of chemo Kai was readmitted back into Childrens hospital. He was still having his usual symptoms of fussiness, poor appetite and restlessness, all things that could now be blamed on chemo bu i still felt like something else was going on.

Kai blood eork also came back that he was not making red blood cells, which should not be happening this early in chemo treatment.

So again, we were admitted. Got yet another MRI and lots of blood work. The MRI showed inflamation in his ventricles, which was likely causing him pain. They decided to tap his shunt to check for infection, which thankfully came back negative. Unfortunalty this left us with no real reason why his ventricles are inflamed and no real solution. He was put on steriods to hopefully decrease the swelling. Of course they said this inflamtion not related to infection is very rare…

They also did a blood work up to check for infection and screen for blood disorders that could cause him to not be makeing red blood cells. Again the tests came back negative.

He was given a blood transfusion to help restore his blood

cells but we still dont know why this may be happening.

We ended up staying for five days this time and being discharged with no real answers.

Thankfully we had great roomates that became fast friends! Meeting Addison, a one year old also reciently diagnosed with a brain tumor, and her mom Megan made this stay worth it!

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