Chemo week 4

together again

We are still here at Childrens, getting chemo tonight, trying to figure out the feeding tube and talking to the sleep specialists. They are doing some GI testing tomorrow in preparation for his permanent feeding tube and then we can go home! I really hate watching him get chemo.  As soon as they start giving him the drugs he gets more and more sick right before my eyes. Thank god for Zofran (anti nausea med). Hopefully he will get some rest and feel better in the morning.

Good news for us, our friends Addison and Megan arrived tonight so at least we have some good company. I think the babies actually recognized each other, they were so cute waving and talking to each other! They are amazing!

One thought on “Chemo week 4

  1. God bless you and your family Keri! I’m thinking of you all and will keep reading and hoping and praying!

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