A short stay

Kai’s recovery from his ear infection was short lived.  By Thursday he was back to being whiny and tired so we went straight to the pediatrician again.  She said his ears were improving and he shouldn’t be this uncomfortable anymore.   She was now worried about his shunt and wanted us to go into Children’s to make sure nothing else was going on.

So off we went.

His vent check came back fine, there was no significant change in his shunt.  They decided to start him on an IV antibiotic and keep us for observation incase there was another infection that we haven’t found yet.

We were so lucky to get a big private room which made things a little easier!  That night we didn’t get much sleep  (because who ever sleeps in the hospital really?) but still by morning Kai was feeling better.

After much debate, Kai’s team decided to postpone his mic-key surgery because of his symptoms.  We are now scheduled for surgery Tuesday and will then resume Chemo on wednesday.  Wow that chemo vacation went by  quick!

We got out on friday and got to spend the day Saturday at Sherry’s House celebrating our friend Yan’s Birthday.  Yan also has a brain tumor and he and his mom have traveled up here from florida to get the care he needs in Boston.  It has been great getting to know them and we were so happy to be able to be there for his party!

Kai is looking forward to playing with his cousins, Patrick and Casey, tomorrow at the Morey family lunch! AT least we will have lots of fun this weekend before heading back into the hospital next week.

We were also able to send out a few more Tubie Friends this week, thanks to all of your donations!  Kai will be bringing his Tubie Friend into surgery with him on Tuesday too 🙂


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