Exploring more ‘alternative’ therapies

We made our way into Boston again today for an appointment with Dr. Rosenburg from the Zakium Center for integrative therapies at Dana Farber.  We talked a lot about acupuncture and the importance of nutrition for cancer patients.

The formula for the feeding tube is something I have been struggling with since we started using it.  After spending the first part of Kai’s life breastfeeding him and making most of his baby food myself, the thought of most of his nutrition coming from a power, that is made up of mostly corn, just really grosses me out.  I would say it was actually deterring me from using the tube as much as I should have been.  I was so relieved to hear that Dr. Rosenburg was supportive and was willing to give me some great tips on how to achieve a healthy “real food” liquid diet for Kai.

The great news is this week Kai’s weight put in back on the charts for the first time since June!  He now weighs 20.38 pounds, and yes the .38 is a big deal! every half an ounce counts! 🙂  He is now in the 6th percentile for weight.  Still a far cry from the 89% he used to be, but its a step in the right direction.

We are hoping to set up some acupuncture appointments on the days that Kai resumes chemo in a few weeks.  The doctor also informed me that there should be some grant money available to cover some or all of the cost for these therapies, which is amazing because the costs can really add up!   Once again in the midst of all of this I again feel very fortunate to have the resourses and support of Dana Farber.  We are so lucky to be in Massachusetts!

Here is  link to a you tube video of Dr. Rosenburg talking about integrative thearpies at Dana Farber.



After our meeting Molly & Megan were waiting for us in the waiting room!  It was so great to have some girl time.  We always love seeing you both!   Kai and I also got to visit Molly’s new kitten, and eat some delicious home made soup and bread.  Yummmmm, thanks Molly!

Kai Molly & Ahab

Great way to start the weekend, even if EVERYONE else in my family is away 😉   Hope everyone is having fun on the cruise in honor of Aunt Alice and I hope dad and Michelle are enjoying some warm weather in Key West!  See you all soon xoxo

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