Chemo vacation starts now!

We did it, 4 weeks in a row!

Because Kai’s labs were done yesterday we were out of there so fast today, but not before Kai did his rounds showing off his TURTLE costume!

Kai was the ONLY kid dressed up today,  but it was worth it because his cute little self made everyone smile!

Before treatment we met a new friend, Larry, in the waiting room.  He loved Kai’s costume and just couldn’t get enough of him.  We got to talking and it turns out Larry also has an optic glioma!  Larry is now 19 and is doing relatively well.  He has a great spirit and outlook on life.  He does have pretty extensive vision loss and he is currently receiving chemo for a new additional tumor, likely caused by the chemo or an off shoot of his optic glioma.  I can only hope Kai is as positive and accepting as Larry is when he is 19!

After treatment our nurse Amanda asked if Kai could visit a little girl, Madison, who was in an isolation room.  Madison was telling Amanda how much she loved turtles, so of course we went to visit!  Madison’s mom help her up to the window so she could see Kai in his costume and the kids pawed at the window to each other.  It was so sweet, a great way to end the day!

As terrible as it is to see all these sick kids but the Jimmy Fund is a pretty amazing place!

We are so lucky to have the support of the staff and the community of other families there every week.

nurses Kristen & Amanda

2 thoughts on “Chemo vacation starts now!

  1. Kerri, Kai looks so cute.. great job on the costume! Also, I can’t stop smiling after reading your blog. You sound so happy and upbeat and meeting someone living with Kai’s condition at age 19 is so encouraging! Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay…. Love you guys, Aunt Margie

    1. Thanks! Yes we’ve been feeling better lately because Kai has been doing so well.
      Sleep also makes a big difference in my ability to deal with all of this in a more positive way!

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