We’v been busy

Going back to chemo after having a few weeks off is always hard, but getting to see a few of our good friends definitely helped make the day a little easier.

Kai and I drove into the city early Wednesday morning to meet Molly for breakfast.  It was a great way to start the day.  Kai always loves seeing Molly

Then at the clinic we were happily surprised to see Addie and Meg!  Addie was there for a check up.  She looked great and greeted us with her beautiful smile as always.

Kai and I spent the rest of the day snuggling while he got his treatment.  Its crazy how quickly the chemo affects him, especially after a few weeks off. He was pretty uncomfortable about half way through, sweaty and cranky.  As long as he was in my arms he seemed to be able to relax a bit so we spent the day curled up together in the hospital bed, as did most of the moms in our room that day.  Luckily the day went by pretty quick.  We were able to head out of the city before 4 so we didn’t hit to much traffic on the way home.

The chemo is defiantly hitting him hard, he’s more irritable than he has been in weeks and has been very tired.  Seeing him have to fight through the day like that always makes me question all of this… but I know he is strong, even when I’m not.

Thankfully for me we’ve had a busy few weeks with lots of visitors to keep my mind off of things. Last weekend Kai got to hang with his baby friends, Miles & Torryn. This weekend Kai spent some time with Gigi and Aunt Mags while Mark and I went out for a few hours.  It was a nice little break and great for Mark and I to have some alone time, even if we were just running errands.  Saturday we had a quiet family day just the three of us.  Its crazy how rare that is these days!  We’ve had a busy Fall so far! We spent Sunday with our friend Joel who came to visit from Boston.  Kai loved hanging with the boys for a change!

We have another busy week ahead, and Wednesday we will start all over again…

Last weekend hanging with the baby boys! Miles - Torryn - Kai

6 thoughts on “We’v been busy

  1. Good Morning,
    Thanks for the update on your son. He is a precious baby. Think I recognised the picture of Joel, that is if his last name is Adams. He sent me your website. We are keeping you and your whole family in our prayers.

  2. Happy to know that you are all relaxed and doing well. We are all with you in your struggle.
    We love you so very much and hope that one day, things will be easier.

  3. I am really happy that GiGi and I were one of the highlights of the week. Seeing you guys is def. a highlight for me!! Love you all, Aunt Margie

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Don’t think a mother could ask for a better com-pliment for her son.

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