Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk/ Umasss Cancer Walk

Childhood Cancer Awareness month is half over,

but there are still plenty of events going on to help spread awareness in the next few weeks.

 This Sunday  is  The Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk in Boston.

Good luck to Mom, Sue, Margie, and Colette who will being walking 13 miles on Sunday and who have raised over $2000!

& Thank you to all of our friends and family who have donated!

A special thanks to Michelle for raising extra funds from your family friends and coworkers to support these women walking!

It is so inspiring and comforting to see everyone come together for this important cause that now hits so close to home.

You are all amazing and we can’t wait to be there Sunday to cheer you on!  Go team KAI’S FIGHT CLUB!!!

Next week:

My awesome cousins Sarah, Catherine, Olivia, Anna, and Sydney have started team KAI’S FIGHT CLUB

for this event to benefit Umass Medical Centers Cancer Center

As you know we started this journey at Umass where Kai was diagnosed, had his first surgery and spent about 5 weeks post-op for a variety of complications.  As much as we know the Jimmy fund is now where we need to be, I couldn’t be happier with the care we received those early days at Umass.

I am so proud and honored that these girls are willing to dedicate their thoughts and time to supporting Kai in this way!

Find out more about the walk, how to join the team, or if you would like to donate


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