‘induction’ phase is over

The team just came and and told us we will be able to go home today!
Kai’s ANC counts are low and still dropping so they decided to skip this week of chemo, induction phase is over!    He will start maintenance chemo on three weeks from today.   Two planned weeks off!

Since he got an MRI yesterday the oncology team used it for his three month review which they discussed with us this morning.  It was pretty anticlimactic, no formal sit down, no higher ups or even a view of the MRI but they said  the tumor is stable, there has been no change, no growth!   This is what were hoping for so its GREAT news, but of course there is always that little part in the back of your mind hoping he’ll be the 1% whose tumor shrinks.  Not this time, but we’v still got a long way to go. 

So today is a good day.  We get to go home, got some good news and get a few weeks off!

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