‘Welcome back Kai’

Welcome back Kai

Yes, we are back in the hospital.

Kai was doing well after chemo last week but saturday we noticed he seemed very tired. Of course one day I would love to be happy about a low key day with a sleepy baby, but as we all know Kai is not a sleeper. I knew somthing was going on.  He had no fever, just very tired, so i tried to brush it off all day.  That night he fell asleep on his own at 6:30 and slept 12 hours (he woke up a few times but not for long) and was still tired when he woke up. Still no fever but it was time to head to the hospital.

Hoping it was just fatigue from chemo I decided to try to save us a trip and brought him to UMass medical. We arrived at umass at 9am and were at Childrens by 11, via ambulance transport! Wow what a sunday morning!

By the time we got to Childrens he did have a fever and we won ourselves at least a two night stay. He has continued to spike fevers through the night, but seems to be feeling a little better today. We are now waiting for his blood
cultures to come back and for an MRI scheduled for 10:30.

UPDATE: don’t hold your breath waiting for the MRI, its not happening today. They are backed up and since he is looking a little better he has been bumped to tomorrow. They are hoping he’ll be even better by then and wont need an MRI at all. For now we eat pancakes!

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