Another week down

Another week of chemo down….only…….well still too many to count left to go, but we’re headed in the right direction!

Relaxing at the Jimmy Fund, gettin some blood

Kai has been doing well this week, but he ended up needing a blood transfusion again.   His NP said that based on his patterns we should probably expect that he will need a transfusion about every 6 weeks.  Transfusions make for a very LONG day, we left the house  to at 8:30am and didn’t get home until 7:30pm.

They say getting blood should make him feel better, and half way threw his transfusion he woke up from a nap and was ALL smiles!  He was playing and eating being such a cute boy.  His nurses kept stopping by to see him because he was so happy.  They even gave him a birthday present!

He has continued to do well since the transfusion.  He slept GREAT last night, waking at 3 for a 1/2 hr then sleeping till 7:45 this morning!  This time I DID wake up in a panic, but not until a little after 7, so we both got some good sleep.

This also meant that he was actually awake and alert for his early intervention visit with Erin this morning.  Usually every time they come he is so exhausted they barely get a 1/2 hr in with him, but today he did great.  We were eating breakfast when Erin got here so she got to see him eating his blueberry waffle and using his ‘net feeder’ to feed himself some banana.  After breakfast Kai wanted to show off all his new birthday toys!  Erin was impressed on how well he was tracking and how much he was transferring his toys  from hand to hand.  He also did a little better with tummy                                                                                   time today, even using his hands to push up a little!

                                                                                  It’s progress!

4 thoughts on “Another week down

  1. this post brought me happy tears! so great that he’s making such developmental progress! can people still donate blood directly to kai? i have a few people who wanted me to let them know when the next chance would be.
    xoxox aunty lease

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