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  1. Yes, it is amazing how connected we can become to t-shirts and silicone wristbands – symbols of hope and encouragement to so many — those wearing them and those seeing them. For 28 years, we printed custom designs on T-shirts. Now I have the pleasure of producing and selling millions of silicone wristbands to people all over the world. I never cease to be amazed at the stories behind the bracelets. On any given day, in any given venue, you will find someone wearing a silicone wristband — promoting a cause, celebrating an accomplishment, sharing joy, encouragement or hope.– from children in schools to Robin Roberts on the stage receiving the 2013 Arthur Ashe Courage Award. All across the world, when you see a silicone wristband, you can be sure there is a great story behind it. I love the stories!!

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