Kai’s Village

We have been so fortunate to have such a wonderful network of family and friends supporting us since Kai’s diagnosis. Many of you have been here from the beginning and many of you we have met along the way. But you have ALL become a part of our village and we would not have been able to do all we have done for Kai without you all!!

Of course our family and closest friends have been here since the day Kai was born. Here for the late nights, the reflux, the screaming and crying all before we knew what was wrong.
Then those early days at umass you filled waiting rooms for day as we all waited for scans or results or Kai’s recovery. I will never forget our takeover of that big waiting room when Kai was having his first surgery. None of us knew weather to laugh or cry, be terrified or hopeful, but we were all there together and at that moment that was enough.
As the weeks and months went and the diagnosis continued to roll in Kai’s Fight Club grew as a way to support Kai’s fight and spread awareness for childhood cancer and pediatric brain tumors. I can never thank you all enough for spreading that awareness for us. For telling your friends about Kai’s fight and for contributing to Kai and the many fundraisers we have contributed in the past year.
Thanks to your help along the way we have been able to do many amazing things for Kai and through those things we have met many amazing people.
Of course we have been very involved in Perkins School for the Blind, Why me?/Sherry’s House, the Michael Lisnow Respite Center, Camp Sunshine and The Jimmy Fund.

Through all of this Kai and I have also been involved with typical kid mom and baby groups since his birth. We met some amazing people at our first group at Cradle in Northampton and then of course all of our friends from Mothers and Company! We have done local music groups and yoga classes and playgroups. Even after Kai was diagnosed with his tumor and became legally blind, and was unable to walk or talk these moms we met along the way have continued to include us and support us like anyone else in the group. As we shared more of our lives, some of these amazing people have reached out and given in truly amazing ways. Bringing meals and sharing breastmilk, offering respite and making sure I get out for some girl time!
These amazing women have rallied in the past few weeks and through their efforts and the efforts of hundreds more that I never met Kai’s Village has been born.
They are taking care of things I hadn’t even thought of. They are bringing meals to our house and to the hospital. They have cleaned, brought thoughtful gifts of comfort and care. They are thinking of not only Kai but our whole family.
Kai’s Village is the true spirit of what this journey has been for me.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
– Margret Mead

Kai’s Village has organized a vendor fair in support of Kai
that will be held at the Grafton Elementary school December 8.
They have also designed this T-shirt
Which are available for pre-order and will be distributed at the fair.
Kai’s Village Tshirts


There is also a call for items for the raffle that will be held at the fair. If you would like to donate a raffle item please contact the village @ kaisvillage2012@gmail.com

As always thank you for your continued support!
Kai is still resting well here at the hospital. We are talking of going home for the holiday later this week.

5 thoughts on “Kai’s Village

  1. I will be proud to wear Kai’s t-shirt …… will even bring it to Camp Susnshine when I go back to staff the Feb vacation Oncology week. Kai is the strongest individual I have ever met ( beside his Mom and Gigi ). Enjoy your time, Kai is the one in control now relax and remember.

  2. I’d love to come help at the fundraiser. I’m not crafty but I can help pass out the t-shirts or whatever you need me to do. Love you guys!

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