Tuesday update

Kai is still in the ICU but woke up much brighter this morning. His eyes were wide awake and he was comfortable and content…. Until I left to brush my teeth. Apparently he had some shaking episodes that the nurse witness and she was concerned that it looked like seizure activity.
More tests!
They came and hooked him up to the EEG. It took well over an hour to glue all o the electrodes to his head, thankfully they had given him Ativan earlier so he didn’t mind to much at all. Since being hooked up none of us have seen any of the concerning episodes, it figures…
The nurses here in the ICU are amazing and half way through the day Kai’s nurse noticed his heart beat was a little irregular.
More tests!
They came in with more little stickies for his body and did an EKG. Around the same time his labs came back showing some electrolight imbalance , so they are hoping this is the cause of the heart issues and it will resolve once he get the infusion of potassium and phosphorus that he needs.
Otherwise things have been pretty calm… at least compared to Monday!

He is still on the dopamine to keep his blood pressure up. The plan is to start weaning him off of this slowly overnight and see how he does….since the infections are now fully being treated his blood pressure should start evening out.




6 thoughts on “Tuesday update

  1. Again I am so very sorry for all the discomfort Kai has to deal with, however it is nothing compared to what you as the parent is dealing with. My prayers and thoughts go out to your family.

  2. Kai, Kerri, Mark and families,
    This is such a hard time for you all. All I can do is to keep you all, especially, precious Kai, in my prayers constantly.

    1. I feel the same way! Many prayers for you, Kai, and everyone caring for him. He is such a beautiful little boy, I pray for some happier days this week.

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