It’s a new day

I can not believe the difference in Kai between yesterday and today. Even his VNA who was here both days was in complete amazement when she saw him today.
Yesterday he was still having a hard. He was sleepy but couldn’t sleep, whiny but not in great pain. He was pail and his heart rate was a little low ( he was also on more meds) I think his head was still not right from the storm, plus his sleep pattern has been awful again lately. I’v been a walking zombie living off of 4-6 INTERRUPTED hours of sleep a night. Not a good plan since I am the one responsible for administering narcotics and IV fluids several times a day…
But last night he slept!!! And I slept. And today we both woke with a little extra spring In our step. He was happy and content and full of smiles and interest in the world. I love days like today! It was hard to leave him this evening when I had to go out without him. It was even hard to put him to bed, never knowing when we will get another day like this.
Enjoy the smiles!






12 thoughts on “It’s a new day

  1. So happy for your good day. Kai is absolutely gorgeous. Prayers for many more good days. Thank you for sharing Kai with us.

  2. The pictures are absolutly adorable. You and he both. Glad to see that you are able to have somewhat ” normal days ” . Enjoy the holidays

  3. The pictures are absolutly adorable. So glad to see you enjoy a ” normal day”. Enjoy your holidays, say hello to your Mom for me and good luck ( if that is what you wish) with the new trial regime. I was Kai’s Nursery Lead at Camp Sunshine in October.

  4. Hi Kerri,
    We all missed you at school on Monday. Founders Day was very moving, and a sad goodbye to Matheus, Kevin and Bella.
    I personally missed you because I wanted to rehash my Camp Sunshine weekend. It went very well, and I had a good roommate.
    Remember, there is no school on Nov. 12, but hope to see both of you on the 19th,
    Ann Ross

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