Let the Fall festivities begin

Kai has kept me quite busy the past few weeks. For a kid who doesnt do much he sure has a hopping social life!
This weekend kicked off the first of the Halloween parties. Which of course meant last minute late night costume making followed by really last minute early morning treat baking so I could at least pretend I have it somewhat together (just don’t get to close because I definitely did NOT have time to shower and I’v probably been wearing the same pants for at least a few days…) oh the life of a special needs mom…ok lets be real, this would be my story even if Kai could feed himself, dress himself, and get himself to the party on his own! The life of every mom I guess.
We got it together and Saturday morning we were able to meet up with our friends for a puddle jumping costume romp in the park! It was amazing to have such a nice gathering right in town on such a beautiful morning. I am so thankful there are great moms in our circle that DO have it together enough to organizing these things every now and then.
Its been getting harder to convince myself to drag Kai out of the house for these things lately, I never know how he will react, but honestly I need days like this. Going out with Kai, taking pictures and making memories is more important now than ever and being around friends, even if only for a few minutes, helps me stay connected to the outside world. I also just love seeing all my friends little ones running around and having fun. I know I’v said this before but I so appreciate watching what typical kids can do. I’v always liked kids, but It’s different now. It can still make me sad sometimes if I think of all the things Kai is missing out on, but being around my friends kids I feel like I can at least share in some of the laughter and joys that typical parents experience watching their kids grow up. They are not my kids but they make me smile and since I no longer compare Kai to others, I can just enjoy the joy. It doesn’t hurt that my friends happen to have super cute and funny kids! 😉
It was a great start to a perfect autumn weekend.
Next we were off to a pumpkin fest to benefit Camp Sunshine. Unfortunately they postponed the event until Sunday due to predicted rain on Saturday. I was ( and still am) bummed about missing this. I was excited to be able to support camp and get our pumpkins for the year and get a few more pics of Kai in his costume. I hope they had a good turn out on Sunday and made some money for camp. I hope we can actually make it to the event next year.
pumpkin fest -Weston

pumpkin fest – Freeport

Sunday was the annual Why Me?/Sherry’s House costume party. Why Me is such a part of our lives now, it’s hard to believe that this event last year was my first experience with Why Me. One year ago….it’s hard to believe on so many levels.
Last year we were the new people. It was all still so overwhelming , yet encouraging to be in that gym with all of those families fighting just like us. Last year I was still just figuring this all out. Just starting to find my way. We were 4 months in. Going to this party last year made me realize this kind of community and support was something I really needed. Now I can’t imagine my life without these people.
But we are in such a different place now. It’s hard to think about how much has happened since then.
I do this yearly retrospective thing a lot, anniversaries and milestones take on a whole new meaning once you are the parent of a child with cancer.
Standing in that gym on sunday felt different.
Last year I couldn’t even think of next year. I couldn’t think to next week. It was to much to handle, we were still in survival mode. I still don’t think to much ahead and it’s sometimes still to much to handle, but for a different reason now. Last year I wondered if Kai would walk the following year. Would he be able to play and dance and craft with the other kids. Now when I think of next year I wonder if we will be here at all. Will I have the opportunity to stay up all night making a costume for Kai’s third Halloween?
The party was a lot for Kai to handle and we weren’t able to stay long, but we got some good pics. we spent some time with friends. We made a few memories. After lunch we did a few laps around the gym soaking in the smiles and laughter of kids going wild on the bouncy slides, dancing on the dance floor and creating spooky crafts. I held Kai in my arms, rocking him and covering his eyes and ears from the lights and loud music It was a beautiful event as it was last year and we enjoyed every minute of it. I can only hope we can do it again next year.

Why Me / Sherry’s House

Thank you to our Why Me family for always being there
And thanks to my local mommas for always thinking of us and including us in the fun.
And next weekend the festivities continue!




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