Handicapped placard

Kai’s doctors and therapists suggested we apply for a handicapped placard a long time ago. Its one small thing that may help make life a little easier when out with Kai and his feeding tube and his suppressed immune system, etc. About 6 months ago I got are approval letter in the mail stating that I needed to bring Kai into the RMV to have his picture taken for the placard. I was not too excited about bringing him into the RMV in the winter months so I kept putting it off. Well now that we have the wheelchair I have gotten stuck a few times between cars where I couldn’t get his chair in or out of our car. So last week we finally went the DMV and got his picture taken. Despite the fact that I no longer had my paperwork, they were very nice and sent us to the front of the line to take his pic. To take his picture i had to hold him up over my face so the machine would pic up his face instead of mine. As we know Kai has not been very stable lately and isnt really able to hold up his head so we put on quite a little show for everyone in line watching us. Today our placard came in the mail. Here is the pic we ended up with, best out of three. Ha! 🙂



One thought on “Handicapped placard

  1. What other kid do you know that can still look incredibly adorable in a pic even w/your hair in the background & your hand holding his head – i swear that cutie pie cannot take a bad pic! xoxo

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