Letters from camp day 1

Despite some major setbacks yesterday ( a medication mixup that landed us in the ER for half the night) we managed to make our way up to camp on time today.
And I use the term camp loosely!
We were greeted at the door by probably 20 volunteers. Before I knew it 5 kids came over, grabbed all of our stuff from the car and brought it straight to out room.
Each family gets their own suite; a main room which includes bunk beds a futon and a dresser, a private bathroom, and another sleeping room with two more twin beds. There is also a mini fridge and microwave, oh and let’s not forget it’s got AC!
After settling in we headed back to the main building where they were holding a social hour, then dinner. Each family is assigned a volunteer to help them out the first day. We also have a one on one volunteer who will be with Kai while he is in the nursery. We were able to meet her along with many other volunteers and other families.
After dinner they had all the typical camp activities ice cream, a juggler/comedian, and fire pit for roasting marshmallows. By this time it was way past Kai’s bed time so we headed in for the night. He was still pretty out of it today from all the meds he had this week, so I’m hoping we will be a little more alert tomorrow.




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