Oh what a week

It was chemo week again, and this week we were the last patient out the door at 6:15pm. What a LONG day!  Kai was due for his monthly antibiotic treatment and he now receives 3 pre-medicaitns before chemo, all of this took about 3 hours before even starting his normal 3 hours of chemo!  We also had to stop chemo a few times because his blood pressure was dropping too low.  One of the chemo drugs has this as a potential side effect and Kai has had this problem the past few weeks.  We decided that it may help to pre-hydrate him with fluids during or before chemo next week.  Hopefully this will help, but it is sure to make for yet an even LONGER day!  My plan is to make sure he comes into the clinic well hydrated, which will mean more time on the feeding tube but hopefully less time at the clinic.

On our way to chemo I got a call that my Nana was in the ICU. She has been fighting her own battle with cancer the past few months and things took a turn for the worse this week. Kai, Boston and I walk to Nana’s house about once a week and we are all really missing our visit this week, as she is still in the hospital recovering.  Nana has always been a big part of my life and there is something so special to me about Kai having a Great grandmother, or Super Nana as we call her!
She has been such a support to us in the past few years, we were actually living at her house when Kai was diagnosed. I can’t wait till she gets out of the hospital so we can spend some summer evenings on the back porch again!

Please keep her in your thoughts this week. We need her home soon!

Kai & Super Nana sitting on the porch!

2 thoughts on “Oh what a week

  1. Kerri, Many, many prayers coming your way … I had NO idea your Nana was battling cancer, awful; hope she’s home soon to soak up as much time as possible with all of you!! xoxo

  2. Kerri I’m sorry to hear about your nan! She has alway been welcoming at the gatherings damian and I have been to.

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