See a Pennie Pick it up, and all day you’ll have good luck

Thanks to my cousin Anna, Grafton Middle School donated the money from this years ‘penny wars’ fundraiser to Tubie Friends!

A few months ago Anna put together a power point presentation about Tubie Friends and Kai and showed it to her classmates.

They collected over $250 in pennies!

This week I went to the school with 20 stuffed animals

and worked with 10 wonderful middle school girls

who helped turn those animals into 20 Tubie Friends!

Tomorrow Kai and I are going to Children’s Hospital Boston to drop off two Tubie Friends

to a couple of two year old twins who’s little sister is getting a feeding tube.

The timing is just perfect!

I can not thank Anna, her teachers and classmates enough for the amazing job they did

raising funds and putting together 20 Tubie Friends that are sure to bring some smiles to many new tubie families!

Thanks Grafton Middle School!


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