Feeling better

Kai still slept a lot today but e was defiantly feeling better! He barely needed any meds and ate and drank pretty well. He even had enough energy to try to tackle the spoon himself!



Thank you for all your thoughts and messages, we really appreciate it xoxo

8 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. Luke and I are soooo glad that you had a good day today! We think of you all the time. We hope that you’ll have lots of good days. Hope to see you and your Mommy soon.

  2. Hi Kerri,

    I am thrilled to hear that Kai has bounced back so quickly who knows maybe he will tolerate this protocol better than the last one and that it will do him some real good.
    Just wanted to let you know that Kai always looks so good it is hard to believe sometimes that he is as ill as he is, you take such wonderful care of him he is so very lucky to have you.
    Love you both
    Aunt Lyn

  3. I’m glad he is feeling better today!! He truly is a little blessing and is very tough! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys:)

  4. I’m so glad to see him feeling better, and to hear you sounding better. What a rough few days. It always inspires me to see how much you try to get out of the “good” days to make up for the “bad” ones. You’re all in our thoughts all the time.

  5. so glad he had a good day, and is trying out the spoon! Hopefully this protocol is better tolerated… you guys are going above and beyond, every minute, to help him 200%… he is so lucky to have you two.. Take care of yourselves, too! Always thinking of you guys…maybe he’ll be out for Cindy’s soft serve in the next month or two!

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