Pick your poison

We are off to the clinic in the morning to Talk about what to do next with Kai.
I was given 4 protocols to decide from and I still have not made a concrete decision…. How can they expect me to make a decision like this anyway? I am not an oncologist or a doctor or nurse. It took A&P twice just to get a C. What do I know about chemo!
Thankfully I have had some time to do some research in the past week, and thankfully I have gotten some insight from other optic glioma families online. I have narrowed it down to two.

The two i eliminated were both oral chemo that would be administered at home by me…there is certainly some appeal to this, not having to travel into Boston every week, but honestly I just don’t think I’m ready to be the one giving him the poison myself. It’s hard enough brining him in there every week for someone else to give it to him, but at least then my only job is to comfort him and make him feel better as best as I can. There are also a lot of precautions I would need to follow In order to do the chemo at home and the risks seemed pretty severe. I just don’t think I am ready for all of that right now.

So that left us with the other two: avastin/cpt11 or Vinblastin
They both have their pros and cons and I am really still up In the air about it. I hope they booked a good amount of time for us tomorrow because I have a LOT of questions!

3 thoughts on “Pick your poison

  1. wish I could help – you continue to amaze me and Kai continues to amaze me…after all you have both been through – he is still so precious and your strength and coping skills are just phenomenal, will be thinking of you tomorrow. xo Jo

  2. You truly are such an amazing mother and your strength is absolutely extraordinary. I know it must come from your mission to do whatever it takes to make sure your child has every opportunity for a fighting chance at life. Please know that Kai, as well as you and Mark, are daily in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Alllison (Lisa Raschilla’s cousin)

  3. Do you have someone to go with you today? You are an amazing mum, no doubt about it & Kai is a lucky, lucky boy to have you as his advocate, protector & care giver. We love you Kerri & are always thinking of you both. Sending extra good energy & clarity to help make this decision your way. xoxo “The Bell Clan”

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