Playdate Pics

Kai has had a great few weeks off of chemo so far. The weather has been getting nice. We have been going for walks and meting with friends.
A few days ago he started getting stuffy again and has been very sleepy too. I am not sure if it is another cold or allergies??? Either way he is dealing with it pretty well.
Tomorrow is MRI day again so we tried to make lots of fun plans for today to distract us. This morning we went to a play-date at the park with some of our Mothers and Company friends. It was a beautiful morning and it was nice to spend time with some great moms and babes. I tried to help Kai explore the playground, but his abilities are limited and he was VERY sleepy. We did try a swing for the first time! I think we may get one to hang on the porch off the back of the house. I will have to find one with a high back to give him enough support but I really think he will enjoy it. Today in the swing he just pretty much fell asleep…. O well, at least I had fun!

Kai sitting on the jungle gym...about to fall asleep

Kai sleeping in the fire truck
Kai sleeping on the slide
Kai napping in the swing

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