Cuddles and Snuggles

Kai has needed lots of cuddles and snuggles the past few days.

Going into chemo this week He wasn’t feeling so great. He had really low energy starting on sunday and he seemed to be in some pain. Of course it’s always hard to know for sure, is he just tired? In pain? Maybe he’s just bored??? That is turning out to be one of the harder parts of this whole process for me. To medicate or not to medicate???

Thankfully we had an appointment with Jacqueline for acupuncture on tuesday, which was prefect timing because by then he could barely hold his head up! The poor little guy was just wiped. We had a nice session with Jacqueline and of course he slept the whole way home, but once we got home he seemed to have more energy.

The next day was chemo day and he woke up bright and early at 3:30am…thanks Kai! The good news is he woke up in much better spirits. He was brighter and more alert, which was such a relief to see.

At the clinic Christine (his nurse practitioner) noticed that he was looking very bright and alert. She also noticed he was moving his right hand a lot. I always notice him moving his right hand more after acupuncture but it’s always nice when other people notice. She was very happy to see it and excited that the acupuncture seems to be helping him. She even said ‘it’s to bad he can’t have acupuncture EVERYDAY!’

Unfortunately the rest of the days treatment really just set him right back to not feeling to good again. He was due for his new antibiotic again, the one that he had a reaction to last month. Getting that adds about another hour to our day. He also had a flu shot after his chemo. By the end of it all he was beat.

It was a hard day but we made it through with lots of cuddles and snuggles.

Now we just have to work on keeping Kai strong enough to make it through next weeks treatment, then we will have two weeks off again.

3 thoughts on “Cuddles and Snuggles

  1. It saddens me to here how difficult things get for Kei and for you as a mom going through this. I only can pray for you all. It is good to know when and what you are going through so it helps me to pray in that direction but the God of this world knows before our prayers reach His thrown. I pray you will have the strength to do all you need to do today and the days to come. I pray that little Kei will have more energy and this tumor will be healed completely with these medicines or super naturally. Keep the faith. God loves you all.

  2. Hello my name is Linda Harris I work at TJ Maxx on first shift. I Just want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My God bless you all .

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