Week off, sort of…

This was week of Kai’s two weeks ‘off’ chemo. Unfortunately we ended up taking a quick trip into Boston anyway.

Kai’s gtube site was looking a little red and puffy and I was afraid of infection. I called his doctors and they wanted to take a look, so we went.

Once they saw it they were not that concerned, saying the infection was small and his body could probably fight it on his own.

however in the time it took us to get to the hospital Kai also developed a new rash all over his body. Its very mild, but little tiny red dots all over his belly, back and neck. His doctors were not overly concerned about this either saying it could be a heat rash since his temp was up a little, or it could be a sign of strep throat. They took some blood and did a swab to test for strep.

I never heard back anything, so i am assuming everything came back clean.

We did end up getting a antibiotic which they said would cover both the gtub infection and strep, if he does in fact have that.  I am now worries that the more antibiotics he is on the worse his thrush and yeast problems is going to get.  This week his thrush has been a little better, I’m sure because he has not had chemo, but he now has a constant yeast rash on the skin over his port site.  They have been able to work around it so far, but as his immunity weakens I am more concerned about the yest getting pushed into his port and causing infection there…

For now we are trying to combat this with diet.  I have been stewing up a blend for Kai’s gtube for the past two days.

This will be Kai’s overnight feed:

Homemade broth, beef shank and veggies

Turnip, carrot, kale (turnip and kale are supposed to be good for a candida diet, to help combat an overgrowth of yeast in the body)

Wild rice

Garlic and herbs

It’s gotta be better than pediasure!  😉

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