A Special Day at the Clinic

Today was a special day at the clinic for Kai, his dad had the day off and was able to come with us!

Kai & Dad

We left early in anticipation of holiday traffic (the day before thanksgiving) but our drive in was even faster than usual!  We arrived very early so we were able to get some coffee and spend some time together before heading in.  It was a bit of a slow day at the clinic and a few people were already off on vacation but Mark did get to meet most of Kai’s team.

example of a Mic-key button

Kai also had a follow up appointment at GI to check on his feeding tube.  They said it looks great and he should be ready to switch the tube to a Mic-key button in early February.   This will mean no more long tube sticking out of all of Kai’s cloths getting caught on things, no more tape on his belly holding it in place and no more of Kai twirling it around like a little tassel like he loves to do! 🙂

The button should be a lot easier to deal with but we have gotten used to the tube and I know there are different risks and problems with the button, so we are fine waiting until February.  He will also have to go under anesthesia to switch them out and that’s always a little scary.

Kai managed to gain a little more weight this week (despite the vomiting) so everyone was happy about that.  Him drinking from the bottle again has made a big difference!  His counts did drop a lot faster this week than the past cycle.  It was mainly the red blood cells again.  His NP, Christine, said that may be why he was feeling a little worse this week.  Hopefully we can keep those counts stable with acupuncture and nutrition.  If not it is likely he will need a blood transfusion next week or the week after.

One thought on “A Special Day at the Clinic

  1. It looks like MarK and Kai were having fun at the hospital! Glad to see it. We missed you guys on Thanksgiving… I know you were trying to come and that meant a lot to all of us. Sorry it didn’t work out. Keep eating and drinking KaI, i want to see you as a chunky monkey the next time I see you. Love and kisses,
    Aunt Margie

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