vaction’s over, for now

Our little chemo vacation is coming to and end but we sure packed in a lot of baby fun these past two weeks!

It was great to spend time going to play groups, visiting old friends and even make some new ones!

As much as I always dread going back into the clinic after a few weeks off I am anxious to check Kai’s weight and see where his counts are.   A few weeks without constant monitoring and I don’t know what to do with myself!   He has been eating well and we have been working on the blenderized diet threw the tube so I am really hoping he has put on a pound or two.  It certainly feels like it to me!

He has also been drinking from the bottle again.  He has been taking about 3 bottles a day for the past week or so.  This is great news, but he is also now WAY less interested in nursing.  Nursing has been slowing down for several weeks now and I guess I just have to accept that he is self weaning, which is what I want for him, but its hard to let go of all the protection and health benefits breast-milk provides for him.

He also has a  little cold this week so i am feeling extra nervous about him starting chemo again.  I wish he was going into this healthier,  and I can’t help but think if he were still nursing he may not have this cold right now….

This morning I was called into ‘work’ to lead the breastfeeding group at MOCO.  It is always a nice break for me to leave Kai with Mark for a few hours while I go talk with new moms about breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding education it something I have been interested in for many years now, long before Kai was ever in the picture, and every time I have the opportunity to talk with other moms I am reminded of how important this support is.  Being a mom is hard and we all need support in one way or another.  I love being able to (hopefully) offer some assistance and advice, and it always turns out to be such an inspiring and rewarding experience for me as well.  I love my job when I get the chance to actually do it!  🙂

In other news... we want to give shout out to our friends Addie and Patrick.  Addie received her LAST chemo treatment today and Patrick received his last Tuesday!  Congratulations to both of you!!! I know this is just one step in this process but its a BIG one!   You did it!  Congratulations to Meg and Liz and both of your families!  We love you guys.

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