week 13

started writing this post after chemo on Wednesday:

I’m finally starting to feel like we are in a good grove with all this chemo stuff.  No long hospital stays lately and Kai seems to be tolerating his treatments pretty well this time around.  Today was a pretty easy day.  His counts were good and we were in and out in pretty short time.

Next week we will have his labs done at Umass on Tuesday to make sure he qualifies for chemo on Wednesday.  If he does then this will be the first time he will have four weeks of chemo in a row (which is what his protocol is supposed to be, 4 weeks on 2 weeks off), then we will have two weeks off! If his numbers arn’t good then at least it saves us a trip into Boston and we will start up again in two weeks.

And then the next day we ended up spending a few hours in the umass ER.  Kai is doing just fine, but we had little scare.  He was sitting up playing and fell back with his toy and bonked his head on the floor.  This has happened before but this time he was really whaling.  He was crying so much that he made himself sick and then could not seem to catch his breath.   It was pretty scary there for a few minutes  and since his breathing took so long to get back to normal I was afraid he may have aspirated, so we decided to bring him in to have him looked at.

Of course everyone at the hospital was much more concerned about him hitting his head, but we knew it
wasn’t a big fall.  I was, and still am, more concerned about the potential of fluid in his lungs.  For that, the doctor told us that we really won’t know for a few days.  Hopefully nothing will come of it.

And this weeks lesson:  Don’t ever say out loud that things seem to be going well, you will end up in the hospital!  You’d think I would have learned this one by now!

Thankfully for now he seems to be doing perfectly fine.  If we could just get him to eat!

2 thoughts on “week 13

  1. Is he not even eating his Ba Noi’s food? he’s going to be in big trouble w/her. I love you guys, I hope we get to see you soon. So happy that Warrior Kai is doing well, keep on little man!! You are amazing parents & Kai is such an impressive baby, so proud of all of you.

  2. I’m glad that things are settling into a predictable routine. I’m sure it will only keep getting less stressful for you all. We love you guys so much, wish there was more we could do to help. If there is let me know, please!! Much Love, Aunt Margie

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