Three month Check up

We made it through our long day of  appointments yesterday and had  a lot of good results.

Kai’s vision shows appropriate improvement for his age!   This result coupled with the stable MRI suggests the tumor has not changed which is what is what we were hopping for!  His hearing was also tested shows no loss! This all means we will continue on his current regimen of carboplatin/vincristine once a week.  He will have 3 weeks of chemo, then a two week break starting next week.

At the end of the day we met with Dr. Keiran to review  Kai’s progress and plan.  After talking with him I feeling a little better about Kai’s treatment, at least for the moment.  We talked a lot about Kai’s development and Dr. Keiran explained that Kai will likely remain pretty behind developmentally until he is fully off chemo for a few months.  Not what I was hoping to hear, but at least now I know what to expect. We also talked a lot about alternative and complimentary therapies for Kai.  I am excited to try some  of these things, with the hope that we can help Kai stay strong and be the best he can be during his chemo treatments.

Unfortunately Kai is showing increased weakness in his right side, especially his hand.  When I brought this up to his team they agreed to take a closer look at his MRI and make sure they are not missing anything.  I guess we will hear back about that next week.

He has had a little cold all week and another tooth popped out today,  so his sleep has not been great. Thankfully he has had NO fever so at least we have been able to stay home!

2 thoughts on “Three month Check up

  1. I am happy to hear that the tumor has not grown. You are doing all that you can, sounds like, at this point. We will continue to pray for you and Kei’s complete healing. God hears our prayers. Keep looking up and being thankful for all the small things every day.

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