here comes Wednesday again

Kai has had a pretty good week since his last treatment.  There have been a few rough days but overall he has still been sleeping and eating well.  He has been loving spending time with ba noi and eating up all her good cookin!!!  She is an amazing help and we all love having her here!

We head to the clinic in the morning for this weeks treatment.  Hopefully his counts will be good and we will be able to stay on track.  We are also hoping to get the ok for a little outdoor Birthday party for him sometime this weekend.

I can’t believe he’s going to be one in less than a week!!!!

One thought on “here comes Wednesday again

  1. It is awesome that he has had a good week! Hi to Tu(sp?). So looking forward to celebrating his 1st birthday, so I hope the news is great!
    Love to you all, Aunt Margie

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