Blood donations needed

Thanks for visiting Molly!

update: For now Kai has all the blood he will need. If he ends up needing regular transfusions in the future we will be setting up scheduled clinic days for people to come and direct donate. I will personally have to add you to the list for the hospital so please contact me directly if you would like to be updated on further donation clinics for Kai.
We feel very strongly that donating any blood in any hospital will benifit us all. As always we encourage you to donate any time you can to help out other kids like Kai. ANy blood donated to Kai that he does not use will go to other kids in need.
thanks again!

Kais red blood cell counts are dropping again. We are still not sure if this is just do to chemo or if there is an underlying blood issue. He is currently boarderline for needing another transfusin and will likely need one by tomorrow.
I have added a link about donating blood here at childrens hospital. If you are O pos. Or neg you can direct donate to Kai. If you have another blood type it is just as important to donate to help other kids like Kai.
Please consider donating wherever you can as often as you can. Donated blood only lasts a few weeks so it is always needed.
Thanks for your support in helping Kai fight this fight!

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