Post-op. Life outside the Hospital

Kai’s surgery went well. He was pretty nauseous for several days, but recovered well. We finally got to go home after 6 days in the hospital and he is like a new baby! The change is amazing!   His face just lights up.  He smiles and coos and is moving all around! It really does feel like we get to start over. We get to finally enjoy him, cuddle him, play with him.  There is nothing better in the world than that smile!

We did get word that the biopsy revealed the tumor is likely grade 1 maybe grade2.  They had such a small piece they could not rule out grade 2, but either way they consider it to be slow growing.  The tentative plan is to start chemo in about 4 weeks but they also suggest we talk to the specialists at Children’s Hospital in Boston and Dana Farber.  We will have an appointment with them in a few weeks.

For now I am excited to enjoy our happy baby boy and spend as much time as week can doing normal baby/family things before we have to start chemo.

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