Neurologist- Round 2

We saw the most amazing Neurologist at umass and after talking with us and reading through Kai’s history she agreed that waiting another month was not a good idea.  The team at Umass decided that the quickest, easiest, least risky option was to do an ultrasound.  Because he is still a baby and his head is not yet fused , they can do an ultrasound threw the fontanel (soft spot). No sedation, no radiation and most importantly, no waiting!

The ultrasound revealed lots of fluid,  almost 5 times what should be there!  All I could think was how much pain he must have been in his whole life.  The ultrasound was shocking and scary and heartbreaking, but also somewhat of a relief. Now we knew what was going on and they told us it was treatable! He would have to have surgery to place a shunt which would redirect the fluid into his abdomen where it would be reabsorbed.

We were admitted.

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