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Identity | What’s in a T-shirt?

Another guest post for the Courageous Parents Network. As a teenager, I spent hours scouring the Salvation Army and Goodwill shops for the perfect retro T-shirt: musty, holey, faded. Size didn’t matter nearly as much as insignia: Yoda, the Three Stooges, and my long time favorite ‘china’ written in kanji. I wore that shirt… Continue reading Identity | What’s in a T-shirt?



2012 It’s hard to look back and fully comprehend how different life is from a year ago.  Last year Kai was here.  Kai played.  He smiled and snuggled.  We were settling in to  this crazy world of pediatric cancer.   We were staying the course and sticking to his chemo.   He was stable.  A year ago… Continue reading 2012