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Identity | What’s in a T-shirt?

Another guest post for the Courageous Parents Network. As a teenager, I spent hours scouring the Salvation Army and Goodwill shops for the perfect retro T-shirt: musty, holey, faded. Size didn’t matter nearly as much as insignia: Yoda, the Three Stooges, and my long time favorite ‘china’ written in kanji. I wore that shirt… Continue reading Identity | What’s in a T-shirt?


Medical Research and Palliative Care

Re-blogging  from the Courageous Parents Network. By Blyth and Kerri  We are both moms who have parented and loved children who have died from pediatric illness. One child died from a brain tumor that did not respond to multiple therapies and one child died from a genetic illness for which there was no treatment… Continue reading Medical Research and Palliative Care